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New ASE Order


Below are the tasks that need to be completed when ordering AT&T Switched Ethernet (ASE) using the ASR (Access Service Request) First process. Tasks that require accessing the CAFE site include step-by-step guides for completing and submitting your order.



Note: If you are a first-time customer, you first need to work with your Account Team to create a contract and validate you can order using the ASR First Process.


Task 1: Confirm Order Meets ASR First Requirements

If it is determined your order does not meet the ASR First order requirements, you will need to use the Service Inquiry (SI) First process.

ASR First Order Requirements


Task 2: Create Standalone Port

Use the CAFE Site to create a standalone port for new ASE service.

Guide | EQT (optional for address validation)


Task 3: Ensure Site Visit & Survey

Confirm the initial inspection of the installation site is scheduled and performed between the AT&T Engineer and the Local Contact (LCON).

Video | Customer Site Preparation Document

Note: AT&T Engineer will contact LCON within 72-Hours of an error-free order handoff.


Task 4: Create Ethernet Virtual Circuit (EVC)

Use the CAFE Site to create the Ethernet Virtual Circuit (EVC) for new ASE service.

Guide | (Related Task Guide: Add New UNI Port to Existing Multipoint EVC)


Task 5: Ensure Site Readiness

Work with the Local Contact (LCON) to complete site requirements on or before the Room Ready Date (RRD).


Task 6: Ensure Service Installation

Ensure proper installation and testing of port services and EVC.

eCSPC Escalation Contacts (for provisioning and testing issues)
ASC Escalation Contacts (for order clarifications, etc.)


Additional Resources

AT&T Switched Ethernet (ASE) Ordering Guide

CAFE Getting Started Online Training


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